A non-denominational fellowship based in many locations of UK, USA, NIGERIA, Togo, women from all works of life are taught n how to meet life’s needs, how to dress and carry themselves modestly and decently without unnecessary extravagance, to be prudent in managing family resources, to maintain good relationships with their in-laws, women have been led to discover their God-given graces and are functioning in them for common good, becoming pillars and backbones of their homes and churches. As a result, young women mature into older women teaching others and fitting into the shoes of proverbs 31. Women are also taught to cook healthy meals for their homes and on how to age gracefully be engaging in exercises. They learn to marry their careers with ministry and family.

Our motto is: “I will do him good”. Women are also taught to be great givers like Dorcas, Mary Magdalene and the women that followed Jesus because Unique women is evangelistic in nature and is a place of agonizing prayers void of gossip for which women are known, miracles trail our meetings. Many women have received their dead back to life. Widows are given a proper sense of belonging. Indigent women are touched and ministered to.

Unique women engage in celebration of birthdays of her members, prayer conferences. She hosts “OPEN HOUSE” event yearly every 1st of May where sundry African and continental dishes are made and displayed. It is a family time out, full of fun and spirituality.

The unique women hold her annual ‘SWEETHEART BANQUET’, where women take their husbands out. This holds in all our locations. It is a unique event where marriages have their vows and fire renewed and rekindled. Miracle babies are called forth and many lives are saved. She also holds an annual 1st October thanksgiving where women pour out their hearts to God in awesome worship. Make it a date with us and enjoy God’s power of love, transformation and Glory!